Coachella LookBook + Instagram Contest

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With Coachella just around the corner it is time to start picking out your very best boho frocks. If we know anything about Coachella it is that it is not solely about music. A day of sitting in the sun listening to your fave music is just not complete without the perfect look. For us boho enthusiasts it sure is easy to spend 3x the amount of our tickets on eyelet crop tops and an arm full of wrap bracelets. So to provide you with a little inspiration and to keep your bank account from throwing a fit we have put together a Coachella Look Book. Some of these pieces are available in store but a majority of the pieces are from our online store ! If you are still stuck come in and see us! We offer FREE styling appointments and we are really good at working with a budget!

What are you wearing (or what would you) to Coachella? Let us know and you could win a $150 gift card to The Closet! Enter in 3 easy steps: 1) Follow TheClosetTradingCo on instagram (come on y’all should already be doing this) 2) Post a picture of your favorite boho outfit including at least 1 piece from The Closet. 3) Tag @TheClosetTradingCo and use the #TheClosetCoachellaIdeas on your photo

Here are a couple of rules:

-You can enter as many times as you would like but each picture has to be of a separate outfit to qualify.

-You must be following us and use the proper tags on your photo

-The contest ends April 8th and a winner will be announced on the 10th!


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Monthly Muse: Debbie Harry

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I’m sure you know the band Blondie. They gained notoriety in the late 70′s for their new wave style music and for their eye catching front woman, Debbie Harry. Looking through her photos you’ll notice touches of glam, punk and mod all blended together to form her unique style. While Harry’s style was always eclectic she had two signature marks, one her two tone black and blonde hair and two graphic tees. What is so cool about Debbie’s style is that is still so relevant today. Which makes her a perfect style icon. Below are a few of our favorite Debbie Harry looks.


Image via Reiss

Image via Wornby

Image via College Fashion

Image via Vanity Fair

Image via Vanity Fair

Image via Clue Cult

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8 Things You Need Right Now

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Now that your closet is thoroughly purged and you have some cash (or trade credit) in hand, it is time to pick up a few key pieces to make sure you are starting the year off right. From the chicest bag to the most stylish jeans, we have gathered our top 8 must have pieces to start re-creating your wardrobe!

1. Ankle Boots - A great pair of ankle boots is a good investment for a couple of reasons. First of all they instantly make every outfit more stylish but in a way that makes your style look effortless. They also will go with pretty much everything you have including skirts, shorts & dresses which making them an all season accessory!

Image via Top Shop

2. A Statement Bag - Most women are extremely picky about their purses. We get it! A purse needs to be the right brand, the right color, have the right amount of pockets, the strap needs to be a precise length and obviously it needs to be the size of a small country to carry all of our junk etc; SO when all is said and done & we settle on the right one it can be hard to let it go. STOP THERE! DON’T GET STUCK IN A PURSE RUT. Bags can make or break an outfit so break out of your comfort zone, go for something bold and fore the love of Anna Wintour switch it up and switch it up often!

3. Skirts - So skirts can be tricky, the wrong style can leave you looking a little bit like a Cinderella (before and after the visit from her fairy godmother) but they are also an easy way to make your style look fresh. Keep flowy skirts on the shorter side (not Vegas short!) and keep maxis a little more on the fitted side (not skin tight). Whichever piece you’re wearing is flowy, make sure the opposing half of you is more tailored. Mix solid skirts with printed tops and vice versa. When in doubt throw on a cami and a blazer or a chunky knit sweater.

Image via Glamour UK

4. Jeans - Some people associate jeans with a casual or laid back style but we know better. A great pair of jeans can take you to pretty much any event. The perfect pair of jeans will be flattering and versitile and that is why dark wash skinny jeans usually get our vote… pair it with a striped fitted sweater over a button up and a statement necklace for work, pair it with a leather peplum tank and sky high heels perfect for a night out on the town or pair them with a graphic tee and some chucks and go watch the game.

Image via Denim Blog

5. An Over-sized Sweater - This should be the exact right amount of over sized, you don’t want to drown in it! We suggest going with a lighter weight knit that just has the illusion of being super heavy, this will lay the best on your bod and help you to avoid looking like a marshmallow. Collect these whenever you find them because much like ankle boots, these are an all year round piece.

6. A Fabulous Hat - Maybe this has something to do with our obsession with American Horror Story Coven but we are just in love with hats right now. We recommend a floppy wide brimmed wool hat. They are pretty much flattering on everyone and will make you look instantly chic.

Image via Cool Spotters

7. A Statement Necklace- When you are working with limited space or a budget the best way to update your wardrobe is through statement necklaces. You could wear the same shirt every day (make sure to wash it occasionally) and no one would notice as long as you switched up necklaces. These bad boys also look really cool over button up shirts, high neck dresses and chunky sweaters. Layer your statement necklaces! Mix metals & materials for an even more unique & bold presentation.

Image via Fashion Assist

8. Leather…Anything - We love it. Just love it. It is such a sensational way to look super chic and trendy without leaving your comfort zone of all black everything. Switch out your old skinny jean & t-shirt look for a leather paneled tee or sweater. We also suggest less bulky pieces like leggings, fitted tees and cropped moto jackets as opposed to over sized blazers.

Image via Fashion Blog US


Did we miss one? Comment below with you must have piece for 2014!

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How to Clean Out Your Closet


I never realized how attached I was to my clothing until I decided it was time to purge. There I was struggling to give up a shirt I purchased in junior high, that was two sizes too small and that hadn’t seen the light of day in 3 years. I needed help. Luckily I work with a bunch of style experts who helped me come up with a game plan! In case you are desperately seeking a closet makeover check out our plan and share your own tips in the comment section!
How to Clean Out Your Closet
Step 1- Get your head right!
You know why it was so hard for me to get rid of that silly worn out shirt from 8th grade? It wasn’t because it was so fabulously chic or even expensive, it was because it reminded me of fun times. If you are a fashion lover you use clothing to express yourself and it is very easy to become emotionally attached to your Forever 21 ballet flats from 2004. Because of this you’ll need to have a strong idea of your goals and be able to remind yourself of them through out the process! At the time of my closet clean out, I was getting ready to move and I just couldn’t imagine lugging my whole wardrobe with me once again. So as I looked through each item I thought to myself, is this worth the effort of moving it to a new apartment. Your goals could be to create a less cluttered space, feeling ready for a new style, need to make some space for a significant other etc. Whatever your reason make sure it is clear and make it your mantra!

My closet “before” I also had a giant dresser and a couple of trash bags filled with clothes and accessories.

Step 2 – Start sorting
You’ll need to clear space for 3 piles, keep, donate and sell. While you’ll need to go through every single item I recommend starting with the hanging pieces. When looking at each item keep your goal in mind and ask yourself if keeping that piece is in line with reaching your goal. Some other practical questions to ask yourself
-Does this fit?
-Does this look good (flattering shape & color)?
-When was the last time I wore it?
-Does this still relate to my personal style?
-Why do I want to keep it?

I am completely in love with this L.A.M.B. zip up but it was also too small!

I got this top with the hopes that it would one day fit me… I love it but it is just taking up valuable closet space.

Your keep pile should be filled with pieces that fit well and look good and that you have worn within the last 6-12 months. Your reason for keeping it needs to fall in line with your initial goal, for me I wanted to keep it enough to go through the effort of moving it to my new place. Everything else will need to be split between a donate/toss and sell pile. Any damaged items (items with rips, stains, broken zippers etc.), promotional clothing (your jaeger or 1996 inter mural volleyball champs tee), children’s or men’s clothing, lingerie or pajamas all head to the donate/toss pile. At The Closet we are happy to look at all of your pieces but do keep in mind that we buy very seasonally and do best with higher-end brands (click here to see a list of preferred designers).

Obviously this is the coolest shirt ever and I could never part with it… But it is also probably not exactly what The Closet is looking to sell :)

Keep/Sell/Donate Piles

Couldn’t possibly part with this!

Step 3 – Pack it up and get it out!

Bag, box or hang your donation and sell piles and put them in the car! You can either have The Closet take care of your donations or take them in yourself (make sure to do it right away!) Once everything is in your car head to The Closet closest to you and drop it off! Give us a call and we will be happy to come grab the items for you! From there you get to sit back and relax or shop around while one of our buyers sorts through your items! Thirty minutes later Taylor had finished going through all of my items I chose ½ cash (to go purchase organizing supplies) and ½ consignment (which if we are being honest was spent mostly on new clothes from The Closet :/). It was so nice to have a nice clean closet where I could actually see what I had! Certainly made getting dressed in the morning MUCH easier!

Rebecca coming to greet me at the loading zone on State Street

Santa Barbara is open daily from 11am-8pm call us at 805-963-8083 for curbside pick-up or with any questions!
Santa Monica is open daily from 11am-8pm call us at 310-396-5013 for curbside pick-up or with any questions!
Agoura Hills is open daily from 11am-6pm call us at 818-707-7808 for curbside pick-up or with any questions!

Taylor looking through my pieces!

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Resolutions The Closet Can Help You Keep

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We always set our New Year’s resolutions with the best of intentions – to better ourselves and our lives. Unfortunately come the end of January most of us have completely given up on our new goals. So what is the secret to keeping your resolutions? You need to make resolutions that are obattainable, also make micro goals weekly to make sure you aren’t overwhelmed by trying to reach the goal all at once and finally make sure you have a support network to help you/encourage you. We have put together a list of resolutions that we here at The Closet would like to help you keep!

1. Get Organized – Being organized is really great. Living in a less cluttered environment reduces stress and helps us sleep better. Not to mention actually knowing where things are happens to be quite handy, you can sleep longer because your favorite shirt is hanging happily in your closet instead of at the bottom of a pile the size of Mt Everest. However, it can feel like an overwhelming and daunting task. In our opinion  the trick to getting organized is working on it in sections. How specific those sections should be will be based on your level of motivation. The more organizationally challenged you are the more specific you’ll need to be. For example instead of setting out to clean out the bathroom you’ll just have to start with the medicine cabinet. Then take one task on every day. May we suggest you start with your closet? Check back next week for a full guide to cleaning out your closet!

2. Save Money - This is probably the most popular New Year’s Resolution around but again can be very daunting! Step one is to create a REALISTIC budget. There are a ton of really great and easy to use budgeting programs that, when used daily, make tracking your spending really easy. Step two is to spend less money. For fashionistas the idea of gouging their clothing budget is a hardship too hard to bear. Second hand shopping is a great way to get your shopping fix while making sure you can still meet your spending goals. Like Carrie Bradshaw says “I like my money right where I can see it, hanging in my closet” and your closet is filled with potential cash! At The Closet you can bring in your lightly worn items and trade them out for new fabulous pieces or you can consign those pieces and sit back while the checks roll in (well mailed in…) Click here for more information on how we work.

3. Try Something New - It is so easy to get stuck in our old routines but trying new things can be really rewarding. For those of you who aren’t the most adventurous eaters, try eating a new type of food every week. You may find your new favorite food. If one of your resolutions is to exercise more why not try a new style of working out. Or maybe you are dying to try a new trend, like leather pants, but you aren’t sure if it is really for you. Shopping at The Closet is a really great way to try out that new trend or pick up a super bold piece that you will only want to wear a few times. It is practically guilt free since everything here is around 70% off the retail price and if you get sick of it you can sell it back. Are you a fashion lover that hasn’t tried second hand shopping? Shopping at The Closet is definitely something new for you to try! You could be missing out on amazing designer finds, one of a kind pieces and fabulous vintage accessories. Check us out on Facebook or instagram to see some of the fab pieces we get in on a daily basis.

Let us know your resolutions for 2014 in the comments!

Thanks to all of our customers and readers for an amazing year! From our family to yours, we wish you a fabulous New Year filled with love, prosperity and lots and lots of sparkly things.


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